Life Just Is

What’s bad? What’s good?

If you’re standing still on a train are you moving? If you’re watching the train go by is the person standing in the aisle moving or standing still?

Are you happy with your circumstances or are you dissatisfied? If you are dissatisfied, is it your circumstances or is it really the way you see them?

Life, I believe, just is. Everything is relative. What makes the difference is your perspective. You’ve heard about how happiness comes from within. Nothing could be truer although I can’t seem to put into practice my own beliefs.

The rational me understands hating others and not getting along with them; judging them and seeing them as the ones who are wrong is a false premise. But I can’t stop imagining those who have hurt me slipping on a banana peel while getting out of the bathtub and breaking a leg (not really, but kind of).

I understand my fears are not based in reality but the programming runs so deep and for all I know, they might be influenced by too little dopamine or something like that. I often experience depression and anxiety when everything in my life is going really well. Those are the times I suspect organic causes.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what I think or how hard I try to be mindful; it’s useless and I give in to the dark feelings until they subside. Thank God there are also times when it’s impossible to feel sad.

The debate continues with me and, I believe, with the scientific community as to the causes of depression and anxiety but I think it’s all ultimately in how you look at things. I believe that with practice and persistence we can rewire our brains to see things from a happier perspective.

I’ve been writing down affirmations and saying them in my head. I’m always on the lookout for the most effective ways to put the record player needle into a more positive groove on the soundtrack that plays in the back of my mind. I want to change.

I’ve noticed that with the couple of days of writing this blog, I’m already paying a lot closer attention to what’s going on in my head. Getting things out into the open where I can see them is paying off.

Whether the sadness is of an organic origin or a result of hard-wiring from early experiences in life or both, awareness of how we’re perceiving our world and changing the way we look at our lives can lead to great advances towards feeling happy and peaceful.

Are our lives miserable or filled with hope, love and inspiration?

It all depends on how we see what simply is.

Published by ldinlove

I am an eccentric blogger and artist. I currently live off-grid which makes for some great stories. :)

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