Today I Feel……

Damned good.

I have energy coming out the yin-yang. I feel confident in my decisions and my stance on things. I am motivated and unbothered. I’m listening to “cleaning” music. The sun is out but that isn’t what is behind all of this.

I got enough sleep for a change last night and I’ve been taking probiotics again. Is that the reason? Hell if I know but I’m enjoying this state of mind. I can use this information to compare to other moods I’ve been in to try to narrow down what makes me tick.

Sleep: You’d think that after all of these years I’d have this stuff down but I don’t. Adequate sleep has left me feeling so much better enough times I’m paying attention. I’m going to order a battery for my CPAP machine so I can use it regularly again. We live off-grid so we have to run the generator at night or I get a battery.

The other possibility that probiotics are effective for regulating feel-good compounds our brains need is something I’ve explored in the past. When I started taking them last year, I swear I noticed a remarkable difference. Why did I stop?

I think I’ll see how the sleep/probiotic combination goes for a few weeks, then record my impressions. They may be the answer or just an important component in solving the mystery but I’m paying attention to what I’m doing or not doing when I’m up or down.

After the crappy day I had yesterday, I felt it important to remark on the difference for my own purposes and possibly for someone else out there looking for solutions to these wonderful afflictions. When happiness is a daily struggle, any clues may be valuable.

Today’s a good day. I’m going to enjoy it, no matter the reason.

Published by ldinlove

I am an eccentric blogger and artist. I currently live off-grid which makes for some great stories. :)

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