Eckhart Tolle

I like Eckhart Tolle. He is very unusual in his demeanor – very quiet and thoughtful. Sometimes it takes a little patience to wait out his pauses but when he speaks – it’s meaningful and powerful.

I believe we are spiritual in nature and that spirituality is the key to healing. I believe (as science supports) that everything is energy at different wavelengths so all of those nonsensical traditions and rituals of old that I never used to think were real, I now look at differently; mainly because of what I’ve learned from science.

I’ve taken to listening to spiritual leaders (the ones I feel are credible) and heeding their advice. Eckhart Tolle strikes me as a man I would follow without question. I believe every word he says about who we really are, how we can tap into that, and how we can use that knowledge to lead truly meaningful joyous lives.

You see, he’s been where I’ve been and not only survived, his worst experience opened a door – no – floodgates to a state of being I crave with everything I am. He had a moment of clarity at a time wherein he questioned his very existence and his ability to live with himself any longer. Things were so bad, he shed his ego for long enough to “see” and experience something I haven’t – yet.

He recalled waking up with a feeling of peace that is indescribable to you and me and said he spent the next few weeks in this new state of mind  – and apparently he came back with some knowledge.

Tolle focuses on living in the Now as a means of taking our attention off of the constant stream of thoughts we all have from the time we get up to the time we go to bed at night. Apparently that’s the key; getting out of your own way or quieting yourself down for long enough to let the real you come through.

I love the calming effect Tolle has on me when I watch his videos. He leaves me with a sense of hope and the belief that it really is possible to change, and I tend to take that calming effect with me as I go about my day.

I really recommend watching Tolle’s videos on Youtube. Mr. Tolle, in my opinion, has the goods.

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