The Less You Write The Less You Write

I think I’m beginning to get it. I’ve heard that the less you write, the less you write. I am/was/did/am going to write a fiction book on another blog. It’s a seat of your pants production and I lost my belt in the first third or so. I was spewing whatever came into my headContinue reading “The Less You Write The Less You Write”

Contents Under Pressure

I’ve been reading Eckhart Tolle lately and he talks about the pain body.  It’s basically a sort of being that is a part of you that feeds off of emotion. I find the concept plausible and fascinating and I like metaphors. My pain body is obese. It has plenty to eat. A whole smorgasbord, openContinue reading “Contents Under Pressure”

Symbols and Metaphors: The Universal Language

We’ve all seen the signs: the ones on the bathroom doors you can’t mistake. This one for Heifers and that one for Bulls or the ever-present stick figure with or without a skirt. They’re symbols anyone can look at and understand, no matter the nationality or age. Without words, we can still communicate effectively withContinue reading “Symbols and Metaphors: The Universal Language”

Is This It?

I’m in my fifties. If I was able to change, should I have been able to do so by now or is this it? It’s a harsh question to ask oneself but sometimes I do. I’ve been in counseling forever and I’ve engaged in cognitive behavioral therapy. I’ve tried methods I’ve learned from various professionalsContinue reading “Is This It?”

Eckhart Tolle

I like Eckhart Tolle. He is very unusual in his demeanor – very quiet and thoughtful. Sometimes it takes a little patience to wait out his pauses but when he speaks – it’s meaningful and powerful. I believe we are spiritual in nature and that spirituality is the key to healing. I believe (as scienceContinue reading “Eckhart Tolle”

Destination: Attitude

Being my metaphorical self, I imagine a thought process or processes as, say, a rail yard. The idea is that there is a destination that is a belief, attitude or an emotion. The triggering event is the starting point at the edge of the mass of tracks and switches. The switches do the routing andContinue reading “Destination: Attitude”