Destination: Attitude

Being my metaphorical self, I imagine a thought process or processes as, say, a rail yard. The idea is that there is a destination that is a belief, attitude or an emotion. The triggering event is the starting point at the edge of the mass of tracks and switches. The switches do the routing andContinue reading “Destination: Attitude”

What REALLY Causes Depression And Anxiety?

What is at the root of depression and anxiety? Are there multiple causes (I think so) and if so, are there factors that weigh more heavily than others? I believe genetics plays a roll because of my family history. The way we live socially, does too. Could lack of sleep be a factor? How aboutContinue reading “What REALLY Causes Depression And Anxiety?”

The Tenement

Imagine occupying a mind – say a building represents it. You are the landlord or “I” and make all the rules but a tenant lives in the basement where the boiler room is – and the circuit breakers and the fire alarm/sprinkler system. This person also has a key to every apartment in the building.Continue reading “The Tenement”