Symbols and Metaphors: The Universal Language

We’ve all seen the signs: the ones on the bathroom doors you can’t mistake. This one for Heifers and that one for Bulls or the ever-present stick figure with or without a skirt. They’re symbols anyone can look at and understand, no matter the nationality or age. Without words, we can still communicate effectively withContinue reading “Symbols and Metaphors: The Universal Language”

Is This It?

I’m in my fifties. If I was able to change, should I have been able to do so by now or is this it? It’s a harsh question to ask oneself but sometimes I do. I’ve been in counseling forever and I’ve engaged in cognitive behavioral therapy. I’ve tried methods I’ve learned from various professionalsContinue reading “Is This It?”

What REALLY Causes Depression And Anxiety?

What is at the root of depression and anxiety? Are there multiple causes (I think so) and if so, are there factors that weigh more heavily than others? I believe genetics plays a roll because of my family history. The way we live socially, does too. Could lack of sleep be a factor? How aboutContinue reading “What REALLY Causes Depression And Anxiety?”

Swallowed Up Whole

I’m not formally educated on our justice system but I know what I’ve seen and experienced Imagine having a mental illness or disability of some sort. That could be depression and anxiety, ADHD or a number of other things, physical and/or mental. In your struggle to feel happiness, you discover something that brings you respite,Continue reading “Swallowed Up Whole”